Python Processing Requirements & Setup

Truelty uses Python and the Snowflakes Connector for Python to orchestrate all of the back-end processing on Snowflake. We recommend you use a scheduler to schedule and run Truelty based on your periodic requirements.

Python Minimum Requirements

Below are Python requirements and details to install the Snowflake Python Connector on the computer and user account running the Truelty Python CLI.

  1. Python minimum version 3.8
  2. A list of Base Python modules & packages required are found in the requirements.txt file that is part of the Truelty setup files, as all these dependencies will be installed once you setup the Snowflake Python Connector there is no need to manually install them:
  • cryptography==36.0.1
  • snowflake==0.0.3
  • snowflake_connector_python==2.7.6

Installing the Snowflake Python Connector

  1. Installing the Snowflake Python Connector and required dependant packages

pip install -r

  1. Once the dependent libraries for Snowflake have been installed and verified, run the following PIP command to install the Snowflake Connector for Python:

pip install snowflake-connector-python==2.7.6

  1. On the computer running the Python process, identify and document the folder path where to install the Python file.

NOTE: The Truelty Python CLI can be installed and run manually on a desktop or notebook computer for testing purposes.